(A36) Love Is A Four Legged Word - CREEKTEE VINYL DECAL up to 12" wide

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1) Choose a maximum decal size width (Note* height is adjusted appropriately)

2) Choose decal colour/color ( see images)

3) Then "ADD TO CART" and during the "Checkout" process choose "DECAL ONLY FLAT RATE SHIPPING" - the lesser of amounts shown.

We will create the decal in the same size / stretch placement as you described.

Our Custom Die-Cut Decals have No background!  Decal is the shape of the design with holes cut out.

Thoroughly clean the surface withOUT chemical cleaners.
If the decal was large and came rolled up, lay the decal flat for one day to allow the decal to naturally flatten.
Start by installing short end and working your way down the longest direction.
You may pull the decal off and reapply if necessary but please do so gently.
Squeegee out any air bubbles by starting in the center and working your way out to the edges.  If using a squeegee, be sure to cover in fabric (a sock works well) to keep the squeegee from scratching the ink.  This is necessary since this type of decal does not have application tape over the top of it.
Wipe the decal down with a soft, dry cloth after installation to remove any dust or residue that may have appeared during the application process

If you have other queries or questions, do not hesitate to email us directly.

(A36) Love Is A Four Legged Word - CREEKTEE VINYL DECAL up to 12" wide

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